Golf saved my life.

It was that statement made by a wounded warrior that changed our lives. Working with Jim Estes, founder of Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA), we learned that this is a common theme among warriors who are given the chance to play the game of golf.

The rehabilitative benefits of golf are powerful for our wounded warriors, and the need to help them play is great. It was then that we decided to give back, and create a foundation that hosts a special and unique event to raise money and to honor these deserving wounded heroes.

September 8th and 9th, 2013, we are opening up The Farm, our private golf facility, and hosting a golf tournament, a weekend golf school, and a picnic and concert to celebrate and honor these heroes.

Our event will be different by design, and focused on companionship and fun – with no silent auctions, no long speeches and GREAT entertainment.

Won’t you be a part of our event? For the love of golf and the love of our country, please give generously. We promise you this: Spend time with these heroes and you will be forever changed.

Information on how to help can be found on the enclosed page, thank you for working with us to provide for these deserving warriors. Remember, any gift, large or small, will help us create this life-changing event benefiting wounded warriors.